The Doctor’s Room With Dr Sesay and Dr Andleeb

The Doctor’s Room on The Make Health Your Habit Podcast Live show. This week we will be discussing, Hypertension (High blood pressure), diabetes, and obesity, sometimes referred to as the ‘Big Three’.

These serious illnesses can be linked together through a number of factors. Two of those factors are, (1) obesity is a major risk that can lead to hypertension and diabetes, and (2) these three illnesses occur at a higher rate in black and Asian communities.

I will be joined by Dr. Aziia Sesay and Dr. Andleed Ahmed as we discuss these illnesses, the disparities that exist within the black and Asian communities that allow the big three illnesses to be so prevalent, and what you can do to avoid or better manage these illnesses if they occur. This will be an interactive questions and answers podcast.

You can watch the show live on YouTube using them in this post or on

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