Juicing For Health With Connie Cowans

https://theleanmindbodycoach.com​ – In this episode of the Make Health Your Habit Podcast Live show, I was in conversation with Nutritional Life Coach Connie Cowans. Connie works part-time for a major Investment Bank in the city as a Desk Top Publisher. She studied to become a qualified Nutritional Therapist after both herself and her husband experienced undeniable health benefits during a 28-day juice fast.

Her knowledge of how food and herbs can reverse chronic diseases and sustain health is her driving force behind helping people see the right type of food as medicine.

We discussed topics like: Should supplement our diet and why?

What are the best vitamins to buy?

Should we buy organic food?

It was a an educational and entertaining show.

My name is Ken – The L.E.A.N MindBody Coach, my friends laughed when I said I was going to lose weight at 53 years old by eating a fry up for breakfast and curry goat for dinner – but they’re not laughing now… six months later I lost over 50lbs and had much more energy, now they ask me how I did It.

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