Why We Get Fat and What We Can Do About It

https://www.theleanmindbodycoach.com​ – In this week on L.E.A.N Bites Live the topic was ‘Why We Get Fat. So many people who want to lose weight spend lots of time and effort in trying to find the best way to lose those extra pounds.

Maybe, its’ time to change the question being asked from “How can I lose weight?” to “What makes me get fat?” When you understand the real reasons why you put on weight your efforts to lose that weight will be more focused and effective. In this episode of L.E.A.N Bites Live, I answered that question for you and detailing why we really get fat and what you can do about it.

My name is Ken – The L.E.A.N MindBody Coach, my friends laughed when I said I was going to lose weight at 53 years old by eating a fry up for breakfast and curry goat for dinner – but they’re not laughing now… six months later I lost over 50lbs and had much more energy, now they ask me how I did It.

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Ken Barnes

Ken Barnes

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