Depression Is Not A Weakness​ – Depression is not a weakness, it’s an illness. On the Make Health Your Habit Podcast Live show this week, I was in conversation with Sherrine Barrowes a Senior Peer Open Dialogue Practitioner (NHS) (AFT) as well as a Counsellor/Psychotherapist Thurrock & Brentwood MIND/Private Practice (BACP) and Patrick Powers who shared his story of recovery from depression.

In these COVID times, the issue of mental has affected more and more people. We have a frank and open discussion about the issue of depression, how to spot the signs, and what can be done if you are someone you know is suffering from depression.

My name is Ken – The L.E.A.N MindBody Coach, my friends laughed when I said I was going to lose weight at 53 years old by eating a fry up for breakfast and curry goat for dinner – but they’re not laughing now… six months later I lost over 50lbs and had much more energy, now they ask me how I did It.

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