Do you want to have a long life span or a long health span?

People often talk about living a long life but often forget that many people live a long time but cannot always enjoy that long life because of ill #health​.

In this LEAN Minute message, I speak about the difference between your life span and your healthspan. I want to live a long life and so should you but you also want your health span to be as long as your life span.

– My name is Ken, I am certified health and known as The LEAN MindBody Coach. Using a method I developed, I went from being fat, unwell, tired, and frustrated to being lean, energetic, and body confident at over 50 years old and I want to help you do the same too. It’s not complicated, in fact, I call the lifestyle I live and promote, “The LEAN MindBody Method – The Simple Science Of Getting #Lean​, #Fit​, And #Healthy​”.

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